What is PAQ?
PAQ is a real-life social network designed from the ground up, to create a more casual medium of face to face networking while creating more serendipitous connections.

What’s the cost to join? Any hidden fees?

PAQ is free and will always be free. In the future, we may provide the additional optional, custom features for our premium users; but the app will always be free.

Can I bring a friend along?

Safety is very important to us. There may be times when a particular version of the application isn’t available on a specific device and tagging along is necessary. Just remember to tell your group that you’re doing so.

How does the app work?

Users simply choose an activity i.e Drinks in the Morning. The app will then connect you with others for a quick coffee or tea the next morning.

How long does each activity last?

Entirely up to each member.

Is this a dating app?

PAQ can be used in many ways. Although Paq is not a dating application, individuals may choose to keep communications open after a group match. PAQ offers you the immediate ability to connect with other people. The way you use it is all up to you!

How do I cancel an activity?

PAQ makes it easy to cancel an activity, simply choose your activity, click the icon on the top right and click cancel. We understand that things come up last minute. We made it easy for you to cancel even if you created the activity. However doing so counts may against you on your next activity.

Can I specify a location?

PAQ automatically updates your location so you don’t have to.

How do I contact PAQ?

General Information: info@paqapp.com

Careers:    jobs@paqapp.com